P1W and P1I first day at school

Wow! What a fabulous first day at school our Primary 1’s have had!! Well done to all the boys and girls. Here are some pictures to show you what we got up to on the first day. Looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂


P1/2 Phonics with P6 & P7 helpers

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P1/2 had a great time doing phonics yesterday with the help of some P6’s an P7’s. Here are some pictures to show you what we did! We are looking forward to them coming back to help again next week.

P2/3 Greek Story Pots

P2/3 had great fun starting their paper mache Greek story pots, as part of their topic this term.

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PC Maclean visit

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PC Maclean came to visit P1I, P1F and P1/2 this week. He talked to us about ‘Stranger Danger’ and some of us got to try on his police vest! Thank you PC Maclean, we loved our visit.

Grandparents Visit

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Today P1I, P1F and P1/2 welcomed Grandparents in to join us for our soft start as part of our ‘People who help us’ topic. We had such a great time, here are some photos to show you what we got up to! 🙂

P1/2 Aigas Visit

On Wednesday we visited Charleston Woods with Josie and Lucy from the Aigas Field Centre.  We learned about wheat and how it grows. We then had a go at turning wheat seeds into flour using a pestle and mortar to bash and grind them. Even though it was cold we had loads of fun.


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P.2/3 Maths


Today in P.2/3 we looked  at height and created a class line tallest to smallest.


We had lots of discussion about who is taller than who and who is smaller than who.


We used a metre stick to measure each other, learning that there are 100cm in 1m.

P2 and P3 Christmas Party

What an amazing time our Primary 2’s and Primary 3’s had at their Christmas Party today!  We played games to win prizes, had a dance off and ate lots of yummy party food too.  Here are some pictures of the classes.  Check out those dance moves……

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P1/2 visit to Kinmylies Church

P1/2 had a super time today at the Kinmylies Church.  Here are a few photos to show you what we got up to!

Thank you to Anne and everybody at the church for organising a great morning.  🙂

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Topic Challenge

Topic Challenge – P1I, P1M and P1/2

We have been so impressed with the effort put into the topic homework! We would like to invite you to come in on Monday  30th November at 3pm to have a look at all the cottages the children have made. Please wait at the usual gate for your child and your child’s teacher will take you into the school to see them.

Thank you

Mrs Innes, Miss Morrison and Miss White.